February 01, 2013

Recipe Round Up: Healthy Snacks

The month of January is a popular time for people to start new diet resolutions, or at least try to eat healthier.  Now that the month is over, I thought this was a good time to share another round-up of healthy recipes that I've tried from other blogs!

This time, the theme is healthy snacks - including portable snacks to power you through the day's activities, and homemade versions of snacks that you might usually buy at the grocery store.

Peanut Butter, Coconut & Dried Fruit Granola Bars
First up are these granola bars from Peanut Butter Runner. I never seem to make the same granola bars twice because I like to experiment with new combinations, and this recipe was the latest version that I've tried. I used dried apricots and dates for the fruit, which provided most of the sweetness and they were nice and hearty from the oats. These bars have been fueling me through my new schedule of exercise classes - they make a great pre- or post-workout snack!

Chili Garlic Crackers
I usually buy crackers from the store, but I saw this recipe on Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen and wanted to try making my own. These aren't necessarily the healthiest crackers, as they still have a bit of butter and sugar, but I like to think that since they're homemade and have less of the processed ingredients, they're still a pretty healthy snack choice!
They had a lot of flavour from the addition of garlic and green chilies and were super spicy for my taste, which I liked! They were also perfect on a charcuterie board to eat with different types of cheeses and tapenades.

Almond Joy Cookie Bites
I just bookmarked this recipe from Oh, Ladycakes, as seen on Vegan Yack Attack last week, and had a chance to make them this morning because I had almost all of the ingredients on hand. I did have to make a couple of substitutions which I think compromised the full flavour potential of these cookies (like leaving out the dark chocolate and using a different type of nut butter, plus my coconut had lost its freshness).  I still liked the combination of almonds, coconut and cacao nibs, so I'm excited to try the raw version of this recipe from Ashlae next!

Lentil Trail Mix
I was very curious about this trail mix when I first saw it on Healthful Pursuit and I finally had the chance to make it earlier this month to bring along as a snack on a family day trip.  I made a few changes based on what I had on hand, like using chopped dried mango and papaya for the fruit, along with the cranberries. I admit it was a bit odd at first and not everyone who tried it was a fan, but I personally loved the crunchiness of the red lentils and the sweetness of the dried tropical fruit!

Oat Snackles
These cookie bites from Let them Eat Vegan, as seen on Plant-Powered Kitchen, were another snack that I made for our family day trip that we spent outdoors at a provincial park.  They were nice and chewy and I liked the addition of the raisins and chocolate chips. Next time I would use less lemon zest, since the combination of zest with dried fruit reminded me too much of fruitcake, but other than that, they made a great healthy and portable snack!

Baked Plantain Chips
I've been wanting to try making my own plantain chips, since it sounds so easy, so I bought a plantain the other weekend and followed this recipe from the Kitchn.  I made half of the chips with a mandolin so that they came out super thin (at the bottom in the pic below), and the other half I cut with a knife a bit thicker (the top half of the plate). 
The thinner pieces turned out more like actual crispy chips and made a nice light snack, while the thicker ones were good for dipping in salsa. I liked them both ways, and this is definitely a snack that I want to make more often - maybe for Super Bowl this weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll have some new recipes to share with you next week!


  1. Chili Garlic Crackers?! Oh, those sound SO good. I love making my own crackers--it's satisfying to make things that you usually buy. :)

  2. Yum! I have no other words - all of your recipes look fantastic!

  3. Loving the round up - mmmm the baked plantain chips are calling to me :)

  4. Thanks for this list! I'm actually looking for more healthy snacks to nibble on! That lentil trail mix looks really nice, definitely going to try it! And I've got some plantain too to make into those baked chips! Yum!

  5. Awesome round up! I am in need of good snack recipes, as I need snacks to bring for the afternoons at work. I'm getting sick of my apple and a cheese string! *haha*

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