April 11, 2014

Things I've Been Enjoying Lately

Happy Friday! Instead of posting a new recipe this week, I wanted to clear out some of the pictures I've been holding onto and share some of the things I've been eating and enjoying lately with you. Hope you enjoy this little taste of my life and I'll be back next week with a new recipe!

Coconut Products

Coconut is one of my favourite flavours, so I tend to try a lot of coconut products! 

I got a bag of coconut cacao nibs for Christmas and it disappeared pretty quickly - I mostly add them to smoothies, but I've also used them as an oatmeal topping, as an addition to energy balls, and as a chocolate chip replacement in baked goods. I don't actually find that these taste like coconut, as they're just coated in coconut sugar, but they are tasty! 

I discovered the coconut spread from Earth Balance a while ago, and I love spreading it on toast or even cooking with it. I also found these toasted coconut flavoured almonds on my last visit to the US, and they make a great snack, or chopped and added to salads!


I've been hearing about toast being the new fad in the foodie world, but I've been enjoying it as a quick and easy meal for quite a while already! I recently found this hearty grains sliced bread that I think makes the perfect toast because it's still soft and fluffy but sturdy enough to hold lots of toppings. My favourite toast toppings are mashed avocado with lemon juice, or the coconut spread I mentioned above with sliced radishes, salt and pepper - or a combination of both as shown above!

Ice Cream

Now that the days are longer, the sun has come out, and temperatures are rising, I've already started to get back into my obsession of last summer - self-serve frozen yogurt (pictured above was a mix of caramel latte, white chocolate, and peanut butter flavours - yum!). I was also craving ice cream last weekend and the nearest ice cream shop was serving Kawartha Dairy products so I treated myself to this creamy orange and vanilla waffle cone - so good!



If I have time in the morning, I love to start my day with a smoothie. I'll usually stick with banana and almond milk, but sometimes I'll add instant coffee if I'm not in the mood for drinking a hot coffee. I've also been loving avocado smoothies - the next time you have a ripe avocado that you have no plans for, put it in the freezer and add it to a smoothie for extra creaminess! I also like to keep my smoothies nice and thick so that I can top them with granola and eat them with a spoon :)

Pineapple Pizza

I got to try a new wood fired pizza place (called Pie) a while ago that I wish would come to my own city because I wanted to try so many things on their menu! After much consideration, I finally decided on the St. Lucia pie, which came with pineapple and shredded coconut (I declined the bacon). The crust was thin and foldable, and I don't know why more pizza places don't offer coconut as a topping - I loved it!

Birthday Treats

I've celebrated a few friends' birthdays recently, and I always like the chance to make birthday treats! One of the treats I made was these peanut butter swirled black bean brownies from Minimalist Baker. I'm not much of a brownie person, but even I had a hard time staying away from these! I thought they had a nice texture and weren't too "healthy" tasting for a brownie.

It's been awhile since I've made a layer cake so I was nervous about this one, but luckily it came out perfectly! The cake was a simple vegan vanilla cake that I found on All Recipes, and I coated it with a basic buttercream frosting and some sliced strawberries on top. I thought the cake was nice and moist and I liked the dense crumb, and it went well served with extra strawberries and ice cream!

I also made these funfetti rice krispie squares for another friend's birthday this past month (there are plenty of recipes online, but I followed one from Sally's Baking Addiction). They have funfetti cake mix in them plus rainbow sprinkles, topped with a layer of chocolate glaze and more sprinkles! These were fun and easy to make and tasted good too!

St Patricks Day Potluck

In March, we had a St. Patrick's Day potluck, where we all had to bring in a green food. There were salads, dips, veggies and fruit, and some soda bread and Irish stew to go with the theme as well. My favourite dish was an avocado lime pie with oreo crust - I'll have to get the recipe! For my contribution, I made minty no-bake cheesecake cups layered with oreo crumbs and tinted green with some spinach. They didn't turn out quite how I was hoping so I'm not sharing the recipe, but I still liked them!

Sugar Bush

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went on a tour of a sugar bush just north of the city. We took a horse drawn carriage ride around the area, learned about the different methods that have been used to make maple syrup in the past, and finished off the tour with a plate of giant pancakes served with three different types of local maple syrup. And of course I bought a bottle to take home too!

Thankfully the weather has warmed up since that weekend, and I'm hoping the sunshine and warm afternoons are here to stay! I'm already looking forward to being able to sit outside to read or eat lunch, and of course more frozen yogurt and frappuccinos!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I want all your smoothies and the peanut butter chocolate brownies - those are on my list of things to try too! I can't wait for warm weather to be here to stay to get frozen yogurt every day too!

  2. You have been busy!
    and OMG those coconut products {especially the nibs and nuts} holy crap want right now!



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