February 19, 2014

What I Ate in Seattle

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first trip over to the US West Coast for a conference in Seattle. I was only there for about four days, but I made sure to squeeze in as much touring and eating as I could in between conference sessions!

I know Seattle isn't the most exotic place, but it is known for having a great selection of food options and local beer, so I thought it was worth sharing my experience on the blog!

We were staying downtown just a few blocks from Pike Place Market, which worked out perfectly because that was the one tourist spot that I really wanted to see while I was there.

I absolutely loved the market area; there was so much to see and so many treats to sample that I had to keep coming back to make sure I got to try everything that I wanted to!

On my first visit to the market, I passed by Cinnamon Works, a bakery that I had heard about that offers plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. While they are famous for their cinnamon buns, I had my eye on their giant cookies instead! It took me probably twenty minutes to make up my mind on what I wanted, but I finally settled on the pumpkin cookie. I found the texture to be a bit too dry, but I loved the flavour!

I never got the chance to go back for one of their cinnamon buns, because I only had time for one breakfast at the market, and I wanted to make sure I tried The Crumpet Shop, where they make crumpets fresh every day and top them with a variety of sweet and savory combinations.

This time I didn't have as much trouble deciding what to order - I knew right away that I wanted the lemon curd and ricotta crumpet, and it was even better than I was expecting! I never liked crumpets that much as a kid, but it makes a big difference when you try one freshly made and topped with creamy lemon curd! I also tried a bite of my sister's pesto, tomato, and cheese crumpet which was amazing too.

I still had some room in my stomach after the crumpet so I went around the corner and found a greek yogurt place that I had also heard good things about - Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt. With flavours like marionberry pie, passionfruit, lemon curd, latte, and caramel, you're basically getting a treat that tastes like a decadent dessert!

I got the lemon cheesecake flavour, which had swirls of lemon curd and crumbles mixed in and it was heavenly! The yogurt is super thick and creamy while still tasting fresh and natural. I'd definitely recommend checking this place out if you're in Seattle - you can also try samples of any of the flavours!

While I loved the crumpet and yogurt, my favourite treat from the market was the famous piroshkies from Russian bakery Piroshky Piroshky. I had the chance to go there for lunch on our last day and when I saw the huge lineup, I knew that was a good sign!

While waiting in line, I could see the pastries being freshly made and you could definitely taste the freshness when you bit into them! I got one savory and one sweet because I couldn't decide what type I wanted and both of the ones I tried were so soft and still warm from the oven. On the left is a potato and cheese stuffed piroshky and on the right was a rhubarb cream filled piroshky - not the healthiest lunch but I'm so glad I tried them!

Also on the less healthy side were these doughnuts from Top Pot Doughnuts that we went to one morning for breakfast. I'm not really much of a doughnut fan, but we had to try this place because we had read a lot of good reviews about it and they were voted best doughnuts in Western Washington!

I tried a blueberry cake doughnut and a lemon glazed old fashioned. They definitely had a lot of flavour, but they were a bit too sweet and cakey for my tastes, so next time I would go for one of their other options.

Of course, I didn't just eat pastries the whole time! The conference actually provided us with some pretty healthy lunches. The vegetarian options over the three days were a veggie-filled wrap, a salad, and a caprese sandwich, each time accompanied with fruit and a dessert.

I also enjoyed a few nice dinners, two of which were at Tom Douglas's restaurants (American chef, cookbook author, Iron Chef America winner, and James Beard Award winner). I had a delicious beet and goat cheese salad as well as chesnut gnocchi at his Italian trattoria called Cuoco.

My favourite dinner was this potato and rosemary pizza at his more casual pizza restaurant, Serious Pie. If you like handmade, wood-fired pizza with a perfectly crisp thin crust, you should give this place a try!

Overall, I loved the city and found the people there to be so friendly. Of course, they had also just won the Super Bowl, so the happiness and excitement level all around was probably a bit higher than usual!

I'm sure there are plenty of other local landmarks, food shops, and restaurants that I missed on this trip, so feel free to share more recommendations in case I ever get the chance to go back (or for other readers who might be planning a visit there soon)!


  1. I'm still jealous of your lemon crumpet and lemon cheesecake Greek yogurt! If we ever go back I am only going to eat crumpets and yogurt!

    1. I know, there were so many other flavours I wanted to try, I wish we had those same places here!



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