August 02, 2013

Recipe Round Up: Summer Eats

It's been a while since I've done one of my recipe round ups, so I thought I would do a mid-summer recap of things I've been eating and making lately that I haven`t posted about on here yet!

Since the warmer weather arrived, I've been eating a lot of fresh and light meals, like salads, fruit, and raw noodles. Cool treats like popsicles and frozen yogurt have also been in heavy rotation. I haven't tried as many homemade popsicle recipes this summer as I did last year, mainly because I've discovered these President's Choice greek yogurt popsicles that I love, but I have finally tried out my new ice cream maker, which I love!

I've got quite a few recipes to share today, including my first ice cream attempt, so I'll get to it!

Watermelon Salad

I tend to be picky about watermelon - I only like it when its perfectly juicy and full of flavour with none of those pale, watery sections. One of my favourite ways to eat watermelon is in a salad with fresh herbs, and sometimes I'll add cheese like feta or goat cheese. I made a tasty watermelon and goat cheese salad with mint and arugula from my parents' garden the last time I was home, but I tend to go a bit simpler when cooking just for myself. 

This watermelon and basil salad (pictured above) was extremely simple, but that's what I love about summer - you can combine a few simple ingredients and have something that still tastes amazing! What made this salad a bit more special though was the addition of chaat masala (an Indian spice commonly used in street food dishes) - an idea I saw on Huffington Post. Spices actually work really well with watermelon, and I liked the sweet and salty combo. 

Zucchini Noodles with Raw Tomato Sauce

Last month I posted some recipe ideas that use a spiralizer, and since then I've tried out a couple more creations with my spiralizer. This meal was super easy to put together - it's just a base of zucchini noodles with a fresh tomato sauce, and you can add other veggies if you like too. I didn't follow an exact recipe for the tomato sauce, but basically all I did was blend up a tomato with some balsamic vinegar, dried herbs and garlic. The vinegar was what made the sauce taste so good, even though it didn't look that pretty (I was expecting a deeper red instead of this pepto-bismol colour)!

Peanut Udon Noodles with Veggies

Another easy noodle dish that I like to make, especially in the summertime, is to pair udon or soba noodles with veggies and a peanut sauce. I've tried lots of variations on peanut sauce, but this recipe from Oh My Veggies was really good, so I'll definitely be making it again the next time I crave peanut sauce!

Taco Salad Cups

This was another meal I made that doesn't really require a recipe - something we can all appreciate on lazy summer days! I threw together a bunch of taco-inspired ingredients like avocado, tomatoes, black beans, corn, and lettuce and added some lime juice and taco seasoning. This was tasty just on its own, but it was more fun to eat it on top of popped crisps like a tostada.

Summer Panzanella

Panzanella salad is one of my favourite summertime meals, because it's full of simple summer veggies and the bread makes it a bit more filling for dinner. This was a variation on the recipe I've posted on my blog, with roasted tomatoes and corn, cucumber, radish, basil, and of course, toasted bread - so good!

Asian Pineapple Quinoa

Another one-bowl dinner salad - this Asian inspired salad with quinoa as the base. I've made a variation of this Asian pineapple quinoa before, based on a recipe from Veganomicon, as seen on Cate's World Kitchen, and I love having a big batch of it around to eat for lunches and dinners. The pineapple adds some sweetness, there's edamame for extra protein, and cashews for a nutty crunch.

Middle Eastern Meal

This was the meal my sisters and I put together to celebrate Father's Day this year, and it turned out so well! We went with a Middle Eastern-inspired menu, including a storebought fattoush salad (to cut down on the time we'd have to spend in the kitchen), pita bread with baba ganoush, and two homemade recipes: vegetarian stuffed grape leaves and a cherry-walnut salad. This was my first time making stuffed grape leaves so they weren't perfect, but the filling was so good!

Lemon Cranberry Coconut Chia Breakfast Bars

This was a recipe I've had bookmarked from Oh She Glows for a while and finally got around to trying it. They were bursting with lemon flavour and I loved the soft and chewy texture. They made a great healthy breakfast treat or mid-morning snack!

Coconut Pecan Macaroons

I've been wanting to try one of the many macaroon recipes on the blog Healthy Food for Living, and these pecan pie macaroons were the first ones I chose to make. They were a bit sweet for me, but I loved the coconut flavour and the addition of the toasted pecans. I brought them in as a treat to share with my co-workers and everyone seemed to like them!

 Vegan Rhubarb Coconut Ice Cream

This rhubarb ice cream from What's Cooking Good Looking was the first ice cream recipe that I made with my new Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment. I actually attempted it twice because I was still learning how to use the ice cream maker and didn't chill the bowl long enough the first time (which resulted in some delicious ice cream soup!).  I loved the flavour of the ice cream though - it wasn't too sweet and you could still taste a hint of the coconut milk through the rhubarb. It was the perfect accompaniment to a slice of rhubarb pie to finish off a summer meal!

That's all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend - we have a Civic Holiday coming up this Monday, so I'm looking forward to another summer long weekend!


  1. Soooo many fab recipes in this post! I'm dying over that Mediterranean meal...I've always wanted to make stuffed grapes leaves! They're my fave. Those lemony cranberry coconut bars look fab, too! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the peanut sauce! :) There are so many delicious recipes here that I want to try. And yay for another idea for my spiralizer!

  3. So many fresh summer meals! I want to try those breakfast bars, and the panzanella looks delicious!

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