October 09, 2011

Vegan Thanksgiving Week Recipe Round-Up

Thanksgiving Week has now come to an end here on the blog, but for most people (especially all my American readers!), the big meal is still to come!

So in case you missed any of the recipes I posted this week, or if you're still looking for an idea for part of your Thanksgiving feast (or any other day!), here's a recap:

*Note: All recipes are vegan.
Day 1 - Appetizer: Sweet Potato Bites

Day 7 - Dessert: Coconut Sweet Potato Pie

For even more ideas, check out my sister Natalie's blog Once Upon a Cutting Board, where you can see all of the recipes that she posted for her own Thanksgiving Week too!

Well, I'm off to get started on helping with the preparations for our family's Thanksgiving dinner tonight (I see a lot of dish-washing in my future...)

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who is celebrating it this weekend!


  1. I love that these all go so well with Thanksgiving but could easily be eaten any day of the week too .. and you would never guess most of them are vegan! I think the soup was my favourite :)

  2. @Natalie

    Thanks! That's so true...I love when recipes are healthy and vegetarian/vegan but not in a noticeable way (because they taste so good!)

  3. Wow! Great post!!!! The soup and the quinoa look fantastic. I'll definitely have to try all these recipes. Love your blog. Great to see vegetarian & vegan stuff :) happy belated thanksgiving! :)
    From: Courtney at thefigtree.blogspot.com

  4. @Courtney Jones

    Thanks so much! I'm always happy to have new Canadian visitors to my blog (especially ones whose blogs I love too!)

  5. Oh my goodness everything looks amazing, though especially the brussel sprout toss!

  6. @eatme_delicious

    Thanks Ashley! I ate a different brussel sprouts dish for our actual Thanksgiving meal (with green beans and pine nuts), but I liked this one better!



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